Review of the Current Status

Based upon materials supplied by the brand owner, market data, and industry trends we appraise the probability of success of the product in the Polish market. With this background knowledge, we can prepare a strategy, identify the product’s strengths and weaknesses, and emphasise the right product features in marketing.

Did you know that...

Poland’s chemical categories basket is growing dynamically? It grew 13% by value YoY in 2006.

We pay special attention to monitoring of the competitors’ activities as well as to trends in consumer behaviour patterns. The evaluation of the current status helps us to properly define the target consumer group.

This stage of our work includes:

  • Understanding of the strategy of the brand owner

  • Brand analysis and its fit with the Polish market

  • Market segmentation and definition of the target group

  • Review of competition in the selected market segment

  • Selection of brand features ensuring a strong market position, consumer loyalty, and target sales volumes.


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