Biodent Paradontosis toothpaste

Biodent toothpaste effectively prevents and relieves paradontosis and other paradontium problems. It reduces bleeding and regenerates gum tissue. Biodent contains a highly effective unique combination of 5 medicinal herb extracts: chamomile, sage, balm, rosemary and hamamelis, as well as allantoin.

The herbal complex:

  • soothes inflammations and reduces bleeding

  • regenerates tissue

  • fights bacteria

  • increases blood circulation

  • enhances healing.

Fluoride content additionally protects teeth against caries. A nice mint flavour sets the toothpaste apart from other paradontosis preparations in the market.


Ilirija d.d. Slovenia

We have managed the Biodent brand in Poland for 8 years.

The company has its seat in Ljubljana, Slovenia.